Once Upon a Brunch : Brunch time filled with stories.

Once Upon a Brunch : Brunch time filled with stories

Hosted by Atta Galatta on Wheels and Around The Story Tree
at The Arts Village 57, 58, 60, St Marks Road, Bangalore 560 001
Directions: https://her.is/2tgPmLM

Food has always been an integral part of our history. Listen to some of these stories as you enjoy your Brunch on a lovely Sunday morning. A beautiful day starts with a lovely breakfast. And a morning with breakfast and stories. Every food we eat has a story to share. Idli, Roti, bread, Croissant etc. Every breakfast comes after a long break and eager to be eaten.

Once upon a Brunch is a morning to share stories around food, and not just listening but also hearing them as you enjoy the yummy meal on a late Sunday morning at The Arts Village on St Marks Road. Limited to 30 people, the session is experiential in its own way

Vikram Sridhar is a Performance Storyteller and theatre practitioner who believes in Storytelling as a strong medium for Conservation, which is highly relevant in the modern context. Vikram combines his work and interest in Theatre and Conservation in his Storytelling. Around The Story Tree is his initiative to connect the modern day listeners to the environment around us through the power of stories through arts.

Note: The session is inclusive of a yummy BRUNCH and is open to Teens & Adults and limited to about 30 people

Tickets: 400/- person inclusive of a simple breakfast.

Call 9632510126 / 9945799224 for further details


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